Khatuna Ioseliani  

Address: 7 A Bakhtrioni St, Apt. 14
Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: (995 32) 899 54 56 91 (mobile)

D.O.B: 9th January 1944

Height: 1 m 75 cm
Eye colour: Dark green
Hair: Brown, straight, short bob cut
Style: Smart/glamorous
Voice: Deep, clear

1961 1965 Shota Rustaveli State Institute of Theatre
Diploma of Movie and Theatre Professional Actress

1958 1961 Georgian Ballet Dances, Sukhishvili Studio

Diploma of Professional Dancer

- Semi-professional singer with strong all round ability in composition, production & performance, working in fields of alternative music, avant-garde, theatre music & cabaret. - All round training in dance, theatre & music performance and extensive on stage experience

Professional Experience:
Leading Actress of Rustavi State Drama Theatre, played in more than 40 plays performed in different theatres of Georgia, including Gertrude in Hamlet , Macbeth in Macbeth, Mother in Good evening mother by Marsha Norman and etc

- But Whats Then Director R. Ioseliani
/ Prize at the Leningrad Film Festival/
- Airport (Odessa film Studio) Director A. Salbiev
- A Chef In Love /Georgia-France/ Director N. Djorjadze
/Oscar Nominee/
- 27 lost kisses (America-Georgia) Director N. Jorjadze
- The empty Space Director M. Borashvili
/2001 the open Festival of CIS and Baltic Countries Prize for the Best Womans Role
2002 International Film Festival Golden Knight (Zolotoi Vitiaz) Price for the Best Womans Role/
- Unfinished portrait Director G. Vepkvadze
- Anaemia Director T. Kotetishvili
- Circle Director D. Tsintsadze
- Executor 997 Director O. Litanishvili
- Holiday Director B. Odisahria
- Turandot Director O. Shamatava
- Attraction Director O. Shamatava
- Ochobamba Director Z. Djorbenadze
- The Castle Director D. Djanelidze
- Noach Director N. Managadze
- Forgotten Past Director D. Kvartskhava
- Lucky (England-Georgia) Director G. Levashov-Tumanishvili
- At the Edge Director D. Tsintsandze
- Road to Chalauri Director A. Shanshiashvili

Radio & TV

- 2003: Wolves Dancing (television serial) , Director Z. Khalvashi, In 2004 Wolves Dancing ..
- 2002: House in the Old Neighbourhood (television serial) Director A. Varsimashvili
- 2003: Guest artist on Loose Lips (UK Style) including interview with Melinda Messenger
- 2001/3: Live & pre-recorded radio sessions and interviews for Radio 1, Radio 6, Radio Fritz (Berlin) & XFM

Other projects

- Atilla, Dj. Verdi, Clip (Aria performed by P. Burchuladze) Director G. Chkonia
- Train clip by Utsnobi Director B. Potskishvili


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