Extract from weekly magazine “Tbiliselebi”
“She is an amazing lady, energetic, attractive with sense of pride…..It seems, she does not notice how she makes others to admire her…
Journalist: Watching “Empty Space”, I remembered the well-known role of Anna Maniani in the film “Belissima”..
Khatuna: I was told that I played “a woman of the world” It’s such an honor for me to be compared to Anna Maninai – the brightest star of the Italian film…

Extract from Magazine “Kino”
“It does not matter which is my date of birth in my passport. With each new play I am born again. It turned out that most of the plays in which I am involved are directed by the young directors and there is no age barrier between us”
Extract from Magazine “Stereo IST” .

Khatuna Ioseliani is the first Georgian actress who was awarded with the price for the best female artist in the film “Empty Space, on the festival “Kinoshock” held in Anapa in September, 2001.

Extract from magazine “Skhivi”
Journalist: If you have to choose between Theatre and film, what would be your choice?
Khatuna: - I would not be able to make a choice, I have played 28 roles in films, but theatre is different, I love when I feel the audience and the impulse that is coming from it is amazing.
Extract from magazine “Chance”

Journalist: You are very gifted in painting? Why did not you become an artist?
Khatuna: Yes , I like to paint and to make sculptures and also am fond of designing fans I have quite a collection of fans, some of them are antique and some of them are made by me, but there is nothing I prefer to my profession

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